Flea and Tick Season is Here!

This past weekend gave us our first taste of summer and we couldn’t be happier! While this summer is sure to be a bit different than the rest thanks to current social distancing measures in light of the coronavirus, we wanted to send out a friendly reminder that fleas and ticks do not social distance, and thanks to this warm weather, are now out in full force!

Fleas and ticks become a health hazard for both us and our four-legged family members once the temperature surpasses 4°C. Ticks are most commonly found in long grass and forested areas, which makes it difficult for us humans to spot a tick when it latches to our dog or cat’s fur. Once latched, it only takes 24 hours for the tick to burrow its head and begin feeding on its host’s blood, which in turn transmits disease.

Ticks are most commonly found around the head, neck, ears or feet, but can be found anywhere on the body. The deer tick, otherwise known as the black-legged tick, is responsible for causing lyme disease, which is the disease most commonly transmitted within only a few days.

If you find a tick, contact a veterinary professional right away. If you are comfortable removing the tick yourself, tweezers can be used to dislodge the tick while keeping the head intact. The tick should then be bagged and brought to your veterinary clinic for testing. If you are uncomfortable removing the tick yourself, your veterinarian will be happy to help!

Regular tick checks, which can be done by combing your hands through your pets fur, as well as monthly preventative medications, are the best way to protect your pet against disease transmitted by ticks.

To get started with preventative medication, please book a telemedicine appointment by visiting info@favc.ca. Ensure you click on “flea and tick” as the type of appointment when booking!

If you have any other questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@favc.ca or 519-307-2510.