Our Clinic

Fifth Avenue Veterinary Clinic was designed with our clients in mind. Its structural design creates a stress-free environment for your family pet(s) by having separate areas for cats and dogs, an isolation ward to protect those that are ill, and large exam rooms to accommodate families and their pets. It also has security monitoring for safety of our clients and their pets and is wheelchair and stroller accessible.

Compassionate care room with private exit

When we need private and quiet consultation, we have a dedicated room to accommodate you and your pet(s).

Isolation ward

Fifth Avenue Veterinary Clinic is designed to ensure that patients with contagious diseases can be hospitalized separately from the rest of our patients. It has been specially vented to ensure that air is not re-circulated back into the rest of the hospital. Glass doors allow us to view and monitor our patients regularly without any disease transmission risk.

Separate specialized cat and dog wards

Our cat ward has its own window and has been insulated for sound to allow for peace and quiet for our cherished feline guests. Our dog runs have been specially designed with half heated and half unheated floors to allow dogs to choose their own comfort level. Glass doors and windows make for a bright and airy environment so that dogs don’t feel caged in. Depending on what your dog likes, we have the option of housing them facing other dogs or not. Please let us know what they would prefer when they arrive and we will do our very best to accommodate. Our pet wards are also video monitored so that we can respond quickly in case of an emergency.

Bright and spacious examination rooms

Large examination rooms offer generous work space and allows our clients to bring multiple family members or pets with them. Or better yet, one of our examination rooms is fitted with a lift table and built-in scale to get even the largest dog on a table.

Waiting area and dedicated children’s entertainment area

Our comfortable waiting area has been designed with divided seating for cats and dogs that do not get along with other dogs. We even have a television and Wi-Fi! Your kids will love sitting on our cool dog chair and can keep entertained with a variety of toys, books and art supplies.