Veterinary Exam

Routine veterinary exams are an opportunity to address changes in your dog or cat’s health.

Your furry family members go through their milestones at a much faster rate than you and your other human companions. Did you know that after puppyhood and kittenhood, one human year is equal to about five years for dogs and four years for cats. This makes annual and bi-annual veterinary exams so important! Full physical examinations will help us make sure your pet stays health, or that any conditions they may have are treated right away so that they have an optimal quality of life at all times.

What does a veterinary exam include?

Although each pet will have different needs that will require your veterinarian to take different kinds of steps, most exams usually involve a head to paw inspection, listening to your pet’s heart and lungs, as well as checking any abnormalities in their coat, nails or movement. Blood, urine and stool samples may also be taken as well as digital scans to see inside their body. To learn more about our veterinary exams and for our latest service rates, please call us at 519-307-2510.

What happens if my pet is diagnosed with an illness?

Any kind of health problem, no matter how minor can be stressful for any pet owner. When health issues arise, we will work with you to design a suitable treatment plan to fit your needs. We will ensure that you are provided with all the necessary information to help you in making any decision.

Are veterinary exams needed for cats?

Absolutely! Just like their canine pals, cats need to undergo a complete veterinary exam at least once (ideally twice) pet year. Even if your feline friend spends 100% of their time indoors, they can still be exposed to various types of parasites and diseases that can enter your home, or any genetic health conditions they may be born with.

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