Ultrasound and X-ray Services

State-of-the-art ultrasound and X-ray services for your pets' diagnosis and care.

Aside from their parrot friends, your pet cannot voice out how they are feeling, and if they are feeling any pain or discomfort. As a natural defense mechanism, pets will also try to hide any ailments they may be experiencing. This is why diagnostic testing is so important for their overall health. Like taking blood and urine samples or monitoring your pet’s temperature, ultrasounds and digital radiography (also known as X-rays) are essential diagnostic tools. They can be used separately or together for us to get an inside look at your pet’s organs, bones and ligaments. These technologies allow your veterinarian to diagnose any condition your pet may have so that we can start them on the correct treatment plan.

What kind of imaging services do you offer?

Our team is a member of Idexx Telemedicine’s Standard of Excellence Program. This means that all of our body X-rays are analyzed by a board-certified radiologist within four hours of submission. This ensures timely and expert radiographic analysis for owners like you, and the same standard in human medicine. We conduct the scans in-house, but also work with a local specialist who will come to the clinic for complicated cases. Call us at 519-307-2510 to learn more.

Do pets need to be prepped before their X-ray or other scans?

The veterinarian will let you know if you need to take any extra steps prior to your pet’s appointment. It’s usually a good idea not to feed your pet any food the morning of their appointment. That being said, many scans can be done impromptu with no prep necessary (e.g. if you suspect your pet has a fractured bone, we can scan the area right away.)

Does pets need to be sedated during their X-ray or radiology scans?

It depends on the area to be scanned and your pet’s mood or mental state at the time of the scan. For pets who are particularly anxious, don’t deal well with being manually restrained, or of they have to be placed in an awkward position to properly conduct the scan, it is best to sedate them to avoid unnecessary stress and ensure the most accurate images.

Can I take my pet’s scans home with me?

Sure. Owners are always welcome to have a digital copy of their X-rays and reports at no additional charge. All dental and body x-rays are electronically archived and linked to your pet’s medical records.

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