Surgical Services

We prioritize your pet's comfort and care from surgery to recovery.

From routine spays and neuters, to complex orthopedic and emergency procedures, our team of veterinarians and technicians here at Fifth Avenue Veterinary Clinic can provide your pet with most of the surgeries they would need at any phase of life. We offer state-of-the-art equipment and the expertise of our licensed veterinarians and technicians to provide the highest quality of care possible. To learn more about our full range of surgical services, simply call us at 519-307-2510 to speak with one of our client services representatives.

How should I prepare my pet for their surgery?

We understand how stressful it can be for pet parents whenever their cherished companions have to go under the knife. Rest assured that if your pet requires surgery, you will be have to go to a pre-op consultation with your veterinarian, where they will review everything you need to know about your pet’s case. Each patient is different and will have different requirements. That being said, some of the most common measures pre-op are fasting or not eating any solid foods the night before surgery. You may also be asked to give your pet a bath before their surgery, because if they will have many incisions, you may have to wait a while after their surgery before you groom them in any way.

Is anesthesia safe for pets? Do pets need to be sedated during surgery?

The answer to both questions is yes. Anesthetic medication and dosing decisions are made on an individual basis to suit your pet’s temperament, health, age, breed and anesthetic history and are tailored to the type of procedure to be performed. Our veterinarians and registered veterinary technicians will monitor your pet’s anaesthetic needs by monitors that provide information on blood pressure, heart rate, internal temperatures and blood oxygen saturation rate. All of our patients will have IV fluids in every surgical procedure to ensure a safe recovery. We also have a forced air blanket system and heating packs to ensure your pet’s warmth and comfort during anaesthesia.

How much does surgery cost for dogs and cats?

Each patient and procedure will have vary significantly in terms of the time it will take to perform the surgery, amount of medications needed and the specific equipment that will be used. This makes it quite difficult to provide an accurate estimate without a consultation at the clinic with your veterinarian.

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