A microchip can provide a lifetime of permanent identification if your dog or cat gets lost.

No matter how careful you are when it comes to supervising your pet, accidents can happen. Just a split second of distraction is all it can take for your curious pet to get away and become lost. If your pet is microchipped, the chances of finding them and being reunited increase exponentially. Did you know that pets who are microchipped are twice as likely to be returned to their owners, compared with pets who are not microchipped? To learn more about this procedure, please feel free to call us at 519-307-2510.

What does it mean if a pet is microchipped?

A microchip contains your contact info and any vital information about your pet’s health. When your pet is lost, the microchip can be scanned by the clinic or shelter that finds them, and so they will have a way of contacting you and informing you about your pet’s whereabouts. Microchipped pets have a permanent ID that will last their entire lives.

Is microchipping a safe procedure for pets?

For sure. The microchip is inserted just underneath your pet’s skin, usually in between their shoulders. It is a very small device – roughly 1 cm in length and width. For your furry friend, the sensation of being microchipped is similar to that of any other injection they will get here at the clinic. For this reason, no anesthesia or sedation is needed.

What kind of microchip do you give to your patients?

Here at Fifth Avenue Veterinary Clinic, we offer permanent pet identification using the newest and smallest microchips on the market, the MiniChip, registered electronically with 24PetWatch. Once implanted, we immediately register your pet’s information electronically.

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