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Laparoscopy Services for Pets

Laparoscopy Services for Pets

A laparoscopy is an alternative to traditional surgical procedures. It is a minimally invasive surgery performed on all types of pets including dogs and cats. It is usually performed in and around the patient’s abdomen. Small incisions – about 0.5 to 1 cm in length – are made using small tubes, and then a small camera is attached to the instruments to allow the veterinarian to see inside your pet’s body and perform whatever procedure is needed. The images from the camera are projected onto a screen to help guide the surgeon and technicians. As a full-service practice, our veterinarians are able to perform laparoscopies right here in our clinic.

Why would my pet need a laparoscopy?
This less invasive surgery is used for a wide variety of actions such as biopsies (of the liver, intestines or kidneys), tumour/mass/bladder stone removal, stomach tacking (to prevent bloating in larger-sized canine friends), and many more. Laparoscopies are also popular alternatives to traditional spays and neuters (particularly in removing retained testicles).

What are the advantages of a laparoscopy for pets?
For starters, your furry friend will have very little to no visible scarring because of how small the incisions are. They will also have a much faster recovery time and will have less post-operative pain, which means less medications. In general, laparoscopies cause lower chances of any post-op complications from developing such as infections and inflammation.

Do pets need to be sedated during a laparoscopy?
Yes. Although it is less invasive than traditional surgery, your pet still needs to be put under anesthesia. Rest assured that we perform a full suite of diagnostic tests to make sure that your pet is a good candidate for anesthesia.

How much does a laparoscopy for dogs and cats cost?
The cost of the procedure will depend on many factors like your pet’s specific health condition and their size (larger pets will need a higher dose of anesthesia). For this reason, it is difficult to provide a general cost for all patients, but for your reference, laparoscopies usually cost more than traditional surgeries, due to the added skills and equipment needed to perform the procedure. For our most current service rates, please feel free to call us at 519.307.2510.