Preventative Wellness Plans - Q&A

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this pet insurance and is there a deductible?
No, the Preventative Wellness Plans are NOT insurance and there is NO deductible. The plans ensure that the pets receive the yearly preventative healthcare to improve their quality of life, help them live longer and provide a convenient and affordable way to budget your pet’s healthcare.

What if my pet dies or becomes lost? What if I move?
It is possible to cancel the plan in the event your pet becomes lost, has passed away or you have moved out of the area. Please contact one of team members to help you determine the best option for cancellation of the plan in your individual situation.

What if I give my pet away, Can I transfer the plan to another owner?
If your pet needs to be given to another care provider, it is possible for them to continue on the Preventative Wellness Plan at Fifth Avenue Veterinary Clinic. The new provider must agree to review and sign all required documentation and Terms and Conditions to take over the plan. If the care provider decides not to continue with the plan, then the original owner is responsible for cancelling the plan based on the Terms and Conditions set forth and agreed upon at enrollment.

What happens if I cancel part way through the year?
A benefit to having a Preventative Wellness Plan is that the goods and services provided are significantly discounted under this agreement. Owners can cancel the plan before the end of the year; however the owner is responsible for the remaining payments on the plan or the full retail value of the services that have been provided and/or discounts used while involved with the plan minus the payments received (whichever is less). Please contact one of team members to help you determine your best option.

What if I don’t use all or want all services outlined?
There are no refunds or substitutions on services that are not used or wanted in the plans. The team member will also discuss any services that weren’t used or wanted and will suggest other options for you.

Can I pay the full cost upfront instead of the incremental payments and how do you accept payment?
Owners have the option of paying the cost upfront or by making incremental payments on any of the preventative wellness plans. Payment is accepted by Visa, Mastercard or debit.

Can I buy this plan and give it as a gift?
Yes, if the person is a client at our clinic, we can set up their pet on a preventative wellness plan. However, the current owner must be in agreement and will be required to agree to the Terms and Conditions of our plans.

Does this cover all my pet’s needs?
Our plans only cover preventative healthcare. In the event, your pet becomes sick, requires supportive care or treatment or suffers an injury, as a member of the program you will be entitled to any discounts on eligible services or treatments as required. While the plans all included comprehensive deworming for your puppy or kitten, we have purposefully not included summer flea and tick products in our plans as we find that the decision(s) on product type and dosage varies based on family lifestyle.

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