Parasite Control 2019

Canine Parasite Control 2019

What product is right for my dog’s lifestyle?

  • “I love hiking and camping with my family, so my parents get me a combination of internal and external protection.”

  • “I’m a city girl, so I don’t need a lot of external protection. However, I do need to be dewormed. My parents choose internal protection for me.”

  • “My mom is squeamish. She HATES parasites! She makes sure I have products that repel as well as protect.”

  • “I’m so proud my parents promoted me to big brother! Still, they say I’m not allowed to kiss the baby unless I have been properly dewormed. It’s a good thing they select a good intestinal dewormer.”

  • “I’m such a comfort to my mom when she’s sick, which is often. The doctors say her immune system is compromised. She makes sure to put me on a broad spectrum dewormer that will help to protect her; that way I can do my job of making her feel better.”

  • Feline Parasite Control 2019

    What product is right for my cat’s lifestyle?

  • “I’m an indoor only cat but I have canine brothers and sisters that go outside. My parents can make sure that my siblings don’t bring anything home by putting us all on external parasite control.”
  • “I’m an outdoor explorer; you should see the trouble I get into. Those little critters don’t know what’s coming. Mom makes sure that I don’t get fleas and gets rid of tapeworms by putting me on an external parasite control product and a good dewormer.”

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