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At Fifth Avenue Veterinary Clinic, our focus is on promoting quality of life for pets and their families. To promote the quality of life, we approach your pets medical care from many levels to ensure your pet will be in optimal physical, emotional and behavioural health. We partner with you to help you integrate your family pet into your lifestyle in ways that are mutually beneficial.

We are accredited by the College of Veterinarians of Ontario for companion animal hospital and companion animal mobile practice. This allows us to offer a full-range of medical and surgical services in hospital, which are complimented by a broad range of house-call services.

We are pleased to offer the following services to you – our clients:

  • Wellness Examinations & Individualized Vaccination
  • Medical and Pre-Surgical Consultations
  • Puppy and Kitten Programs
  • Client Education Programs
  • Dental Care
  • Surgery – Spay, Neuter, Soft tissue, Orthopaedic and Emergency
  • Digital Radiology
  • Intensive Care
  • Individualized Anaesthetic Plans
  • Individualized Pain Management Plans
  • Advanced Anaesthetic Monitoring
  • Parasite Prevention and Treatment Programs
  • Microchip Pet Identification
  • Laboratory Service Referrals
  • In-House Laboratory Service
  • Veterinary Specialist Referrals
  • House-calls
  • Medical Daycare
  • Medical Boarding
  • Nutritional Recommendations
  • Full-range of Medi-Cal/Royal Canin and Hill’s Lifestage and Prescription Veterinary Diets.
  • Retail Boutique
  • Diets and treats by special order welcome

If you have any questions about the services, equipment or facilities available at Fifth Avenue Veterinary Clinic, please contact us to book a time to meet our team and take a tour.

Wellness Examinations & Individualized Vaccination Programs

Medical and Pre-Surgical Consultations

Preventative Wellness Plans

Annual physical examinations are the basis for helping us to ensure the optimal quality of life in all life stages of your pet. Once any health issues are identified, we will discuss the appropriate vaccinations for your pet based on their vaccine history, age, health and lifestyle. And if they don’t mind, we’d love to give them a pedicure while they are here. When health issues arise, we will work with you to design a suitable treatment plan to fit your needs. We will ensure that you are provided with all the necessary information to help you in making any decision. Healthcare plans are now available to covers wellness examinations, vaccines, parasite prevention, dental care, sterilization, microchipping, wellness blood testing! This provides owners of puppies and kittens with a means of affording quality healthcare for their pets.

Geriatric Wellness Programs

Puppy and Kitten Programs

Dental Care

Please remember that age is not a disease! Aging gracefully and with dignity is our goal for your pet. Many diseases of aging can be easily and cost-effectively managed if detected early enough. It’s so exciting to see new puppies and kittens join families. We always feel honoured to share in the joy of your new arrival(s). The first few weeks in a new family is an extremely important time in a young puppy or kitten’s life and we love to help our families to ensure that any health or behavior issues are dealt with swiftly and appropriately. By doing this, we hope to set the foundation for a long, happy and healthy life together. From prevention strategies, to treatment of minor and major dental issues, we can help with it all. We stock a full-range of home-care products to help ward off disease, and are prepared with high-tech dental cleaning equipment, digital dental x-ray, and are equipped to provide oral surgery, if needed.

Surgery and Individualized Anaesthetic Plans

Digital Radiology

Client Education Programs

In addition to elective spay and neuter surgery, we offer a variety of soft tissue, orthopaedic and emergency surgical procedures. Anaesthesic medication and dosing decisions are made on an individual basis to suit your pet’s temperament, health, age, breed and anaesthetic history and are tailored to the type of procedure to be performed. Our veterinarians and registered veterinary technicians will monitor your pet’s anaesthetic needs by monitors that provide information on blood pressure, heart rate, internal temperatures and blood oxygen saturation rate. All of our patients will have IV fluids in every surgical procedure to ensure a safe recovery. We also have a forced air blanket system and heating packs to ensure your pet’s warmth and comfort during anaesthesia. We are pleased to offer digital radiography (x-ray) to all our patients. This type of x-ray allows us to see exceptional definition and diagnostic imaging with minimal stress for your pet. All dental and body x-rays are electronically archived and linked to your pet’s medical records. Referring x-rays to specialists for analysis is quick and easy. Fifth Avenue is proud to be a member of Idexx Telemedicine’s Standard of Excellence Program, which ensures that all of our body x-rays are read by a board-certified radiologist within 4 hours of electronic submission. This ensures timely and expert radiographic analysis for owners, just as would be the standard in human medicine. Owners are always welcome to have their x-rays and reports burned onto a CD at no additional charge. Offering formal and informal educational opportunities to you is extremely important to us. Our conference room is furnished with audio and visual equipment and comfortable seating so that we can easily accommodate guests and guest speakers. We have a wide variety of educational material from videos, seminars, pamphlets, and other printed material to help optimize your pet’s needs through all life stages and medical concerns. Stay tuned to our website for upcoming seminars.

Microchip Pet Identification

Nutritional Recommendations

In-Clinic and Referral Ultrasonography

We offer permanent pet identification using the newest and smallest microchips on the market, the MiniChip, registered electronically with 24PetWatch. Once implanted, we immediately register your pet’s information electronically. No one food is ideal for every pet. Please speak to one of our team members to discuss your pet’s nutritional needs. Ultrasound is the method of choice to diagnose many conditions. We are pleased to offer this service ourselves, but also work with a local specialist who will come to the clinic when a complicated case occurs.

In-Clinic and Referral Laboratory Services

Computerized Medical Records


We offer a full array of in-clinic laboratory diagnostics, including fecal analysis, urinalysis, blood profiles, white and red blood cell analysis, platelet counts, coagulation profiles, Heartworm and Lyme disease screening, and parasite identification. Some profiles are performed at Idexx Laboratories in Markham where the majority of the results are available the same or next day. All of our medical and patient records are stored electronically with secure daily off-site backup. Having our records electronically linked with your pet’s laboratory results and x-rays, allows for more efficient and effective patient care. We are more than happy to go to your home if you can’t get to ours. Please give us as much advance notice as possible if you’d like us to come to you so that we can plan our schedule accordingly.

Pick-Up and Drop-Off of Your Pets

Drop-Off for Appointments & Daycare

Medical Boarding

Whenever possible, we can schedule transportation of your pets between home and our clinic if logistically this is not possible for you. A great service for commuters! We’d love to pamper your pet for the day while you’re at work. We offer this service paired with or without a wellness examination. Weekday and weekend boarding schedules are offered for pets with special care requirements, such as medication administration, mobility assistance, or enhanced monitoring.

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