Your Pet's Boarding Checklist

Passport √, Travel Insurance √, Sunscreen √, First Aid kit √, Pet Care…?

It’s that time of the year when families are planning their winter escape and looking to get away from the cold weather to relax in a tropical paradise. Usually our four-legged companions are not taking that trip with us, and as pet owners it can be quite stressful when trying to find a place to entrust with their care while we are away.

Things to consider when choosing a boarding facility:

Do your research. Visit the location beforehand if at all possible. Assess for cleanliness, accessibility, and exercise accommodations (i.e. outdoor runs, or enclosed areas for high energy dogs).

Meet the staff and have them meet your pet. Knowing that your pet is comfortable with those who will be caring for him/her and vice versa will certainly help to put your mind at ease.

Leave detailed and clear instructions regarding feeding, medications (if applicable), any toys/bedding left with your pet overnight (when they are unsupervised), your expectations regarding phone calls/emails and current emergency contact numbers/emails should you need to be reached for any reason.

Pet Precautions
Ensure that the staff is aware of any and all precautions that should be taken with your pet to prevent injury to either party. Communicate clearly if your pet should be allowed to run with other animals or has an aversion to those of a specific gender.

Overnight/Weekend Staffing
Ensure that you are clear about the staffing schedule for the facility chosen. Many facilities have only video surveillance overnight and reduced hours on the weekends.

Enjoy your vacation with peace of mind knowing that your pet will be well cared for while you are away.

This article was written by Eushauna Clarke, Registered Veterinary Technician, of Fifth Avenue Veterinary Clinic. We provide team-based vet care for pets and their families from our animal hospital in Orangeville, Ontario.

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