What We Are Doing At Fifth Avenue Veterinary Clinic to Help Reduce the Risk and Spread of Covid-19

To Our Valued Clients,

Fifth Avenue Veterinary Clinic understands that the impact of Covid-19 (Corona Virus) and how it affects people and their pets is top of mind these days. We will continue to provide pet care to the community while taking the necessary precautions to ensure the health and safety of our staff, clients and their pets. We will be following guidelines for best practices from our local, national and international health authorities to help limit the exposure and spread of this virus. We request your patience, as we will be doing our best to keep up with the demands of our clients needs during this critical time. The service and care we offer may be affected by medical supply and inventory delivery times, which could be delayed. We will do our best to provide the best service possible and keep you updated of any issues moving forward on our website, Daktronics street sign and via our social media pages.

What We Are Doing At Fifth Avenue Veterinary Clinic to Help Reduce the Risk & Spread of Covid-19

  • We will monitor and place any of our staff that has travelled internationally on a 2-week self quarantine and request any persons on our staff that is unwell, to stay home.
  • We will provide antibacterial hand soap throughout the clinic and public washrooms. We will promote more frequent hand washing for the recommended 20 seconds on top of our usual hand washing protocols.
  • We will provide hand sanitizer in our reception area and around all working areas of the hospital.
  • We will be screening every person who is calling in to book an appointment for their pet regarding their travel history and if anyone in the home is experiencing any signs/symptoms of the virus.
  • We will request that only healthy people with no symptoms come to our hospital. We will be limiting clinic appointments to 1 owner attending the appointment
  • We will conduct your pets’ exam in our hospital treatment room while the owner waits in their car to reduce face-to-face communications in close quarters for the health and safety of everyone
  • We have removed items that may be used by the public such as magazines, children’s toys, and social snack cart items to reduce contaminated surfaces.
  • We will step up our regular disinfection and sanitizing procedures by increasing the frequency of our cleaning duties and ensuring proper contact time to kill any potential virus in our client facing areas, front/back doors, and treatment areas.
  • We will restrict entry to our main lobby by locking our entryway doors and communicate with clients via phone to allow for extra screening before providing entry should the virus in our area become worse or public exposure warrants this. To the best ability we will bring our service outside to you.
  • We will continue to post up to date information on our website, Daktronics street sign and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to keep our staff, clients and surrounding community up to date on best practices to reduce exposure from reliable resources. Be sure to follow us for links to important information for you and your pet.
  • We will not accept walk-in appointments so that we can control the number of people waiting to be seen by the veterinarian.
  • Appointment availability will be provided for pets that are ill, had an injury, or experiencing an emergency. Please call us at 519-624-9760 so we can triage your request for an appointment and make the necessary recommendation for timing or criticalness of your pets issue to ensure we can see you and reduce possible wait times.
  • Some elective and non-critical surgeries may need to be booked at a later date as there may be delays in us receiving medical supplies and medications
  • We will not be providing hospital tours, visitations of hospitalized pets or the pets in our adoption/rescue program. We understand this may lead to some disappointment, however the health and safety of our clients and work family is our main priority.What You Can Do to Help Us Reduce the Spread

Of This Virus During Visits to Our Hospital

Thank you for your patronage during this critical time. Please help us in our efforts to keep you and our work family safe and virus free

  • Rebook non-emergent appointments like adult annual vaccines, nail trims, post-purchase exams, non-critical rechecks in the future weeks pending recommendation’s from local, national and international health authorities
  • Consider rescheduling your pets appointment or surgery to stay home if you are unwell in any way, diagnosed with the Corona Virus or experiencing symptoms of the virus like; fever, cough, or difficulty breathing. If your pet needs to be seen please send them in with a healthy friend or family member for curbside service.
  • We will offer a “curb side” drop off appointment for anyone who wishes to help reduce public exposure. Ask us for more details on scheduling this type of appointment at 519-307-2510.
  • Avoid contact when possible (like handshakes) and ensure social distancing measures are taken as best as possible. Use proper public hygiene techniques, use hand sanitizer and wash your hands frequently.
  • Register on our Webstore for free to have your pets’ food ordered and delivered to your home or office to avoid a trip into the clinic. A 5% discount is available on Royal Canin and Hill’s Prescription products when the auto-ship option is selected. Sign up via the link on our website www.animalhospitalofcambridge.com
  • Send 1 healthy family member in with your pet for their appointment to help reduce crowding and public exposure

We encourage you to speak to one of our veterinarians, technicians, or friendly support staff if you have questions or need more clarification. As we receive more information we may need to adjust, change or increase security measures to do our part and help prevent the spread of Covid-19. For more information and guidance on companion animals and the Coronavirus, please refer to the following links below.


This section is not part of the above letter, it is for posting on our website from health Canada – its previously been posted on our facebook page along with articles from scott weese.

Animals in Canada

There is currently no evidence to suggest that this virus is circulating in animals in Canada.

It is possible that some types of animals can be infected with COVID-19 but there is no evidence that pets or other animals can spread the virus. There are still many unknowns about COVID-19 and this is an area that remains to be studied and understood.

Until we know more, if you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and have a pet or other animal:

  • avoid close contact with them
  • do not snuggle or kiss them, or let them lick you, sit on your lap, or sleep in your bed
  • practise good cough etiquette
  • do avoid coughing and sneezing on your animals
  • have another member of your household care for your animals
  • do if this is not possible, always wash your hands before touching or feeding them
  • limit your animal’s contact with other people and animals
  • do this may mean keeping them indoors
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