Spring 2018 Newsletter

Ticks have arrived in Dufferin County already this year!

Ticks only require 4 degrees Celsius to be active and as warmer winter temperatures become more common, so do the number of months we can find ticks. Even when temperatures are below 4 degrees there can be warmer pockets of ground that will allow ticks to be active all winter.  At minimum we are facing a 9-month tick season during which we need to protect ourselves and our pets from ticks. We are now approaching the largest tick bloom of the year – SPRING! Many different tick species are now found in Southern Ontario.  All ticks have the potential to carry a number of diseases (not just Lyme disease) that can be transmitted to you and your pet. Contact us to discuss a personalized parasite prevention and protection strategy for your pet. 

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Limited Time Lab Specials

This is the best time of year to take advantage of the incredible promotional pricing for parasite testing (Lyme, heartworm, intestinal parasites) and wellness bloodwork from Idexx Laboratories!    Is your dog on thyroid supplement?  This is a great time to have your pet’s levels checked at a discounted price! 

Breaking News… 
Canine Influenza in Ontario

Canine Influenza (flu) has made its way into Ontario for the first time ever (different from the virus that we had in Orangeville in Fall 2016). The first cases of flu were reported in January 2018 in Windsor and the most recent outbreaks are in Northumberland County, Muskoka and Orillia.  Unfortunately the spread of the flu virus to other areas is inevitable.  While many dogs may be able to fight the flu on their own, others may develop pneumonia and will need to see a veterinarian. 

WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS? Cough, fever, nasal discharge, runny eyes.

WHAT IS FAVC DOING?  We now have the Canine Influenza vaccine in stock for those travelling to high risk areas (see link below).  Please note that the Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccine does NOT protect against the flu virus.  This vaccine requires a booster in 3 to 4 weeks.  For those dogs that are not due for their annual physical examination,  we are offering a discounted flu vaccine set-up package.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? Wash your hands and change your clothes if you come into contact with a sick dog. If you notice any of these symptoms in your dog, keep them away from other dogs. If your dog is displaying any of these symptoms call your veterinarian before bringing your dog into the vet clinic. This will allow us time to put our protocols into place to prevent other pets from becoming ill.

Canine Influenza Information

Focus on Felines

If your cat goes outdoors, there are increased health risks to your feline friend and to your family. Risks include: parasites, contagious diseases carried by other cats (such as feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency viruses), rabies and injury from other cats, dogs or predators.

What can you do to protect your cat and your family?

• Protect them with parasite control (also important for indoor cats with canine siblings!)
• Keep your cat up to date on vaccinations
• Stool test annually to check for microscopic parasites that can affect you and your family
• Microchip your cat and make sure your cat comes indoors at night!
NEW FOR 2018…Safe topical flea and tick Bravecto for Cats is now available!

Call us at 519 307-2510 and we can help create a preventive health care plan for your cat. Here are some great tips to help make your cat’s next visit to see us a “Pawsitive” experience!

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Would you love to feed your pet a 100% FRESH food balanced diet but don’t have time to cook at home? Come in and check out our brand new line of veterinary exclusive pet food! 
*Made in Canada
*70% Cooked meat
*No grains, gluten, corn or soy
*No artificial preservative or ingredients
*Formulated by a nutritionist to exceed AAFCO standards
*Added prebiotics and probiotics for immunity and gut health

Ask us for a complimentary sample at your next visit!

New Faces at FAVC

We are thrilled to welcome Brooke Emily Noseworthy (Sherry and Nick) and Donovan Larry Puskas (Dr. Kirstie and Joel) to our FAVC family.  Check out our Facebook page for more photos.

We are also pleased to welcome Dr. Laura Crawford to our team.  Dr. Laura graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2011. She is especially interested in nutrition, soft tissue surgery and dermatology.  She loves helping animals live long, healthy lives. When not at work, Laura can be found doing Crossfit, biking or hiking with her husband, Jack, and their black Lab rescue dog, Phoebe.

Keeping Our Heads Above Water…

A most sincere thank you to all our wonderful clients for your support, patience and understanding while we went through some tough and very wet times last summer. As many of you are aware, heavy rains flash flooded the town and sent creek water rushing down First Street and seemingly straight into our basement…not once, but twice. Our sump pumps and sewage back-flow prevention system tried their hardest to keep up with the water that broke our windows and came gushing into the basement but they just couldn’t keep up. The first flood brought 4 feet of water and town sewage into the basement, while the second flood ‘only’ brought 6 inches of water. 

Thanks to the help of our wonderful IT team at Ericon Technologies we managed to get all our medical record data recovered onto a temporary server after a very long and nerve-racking week.  As always, our fabulous team at FAVC was incredible, and somehow managed to ‘remain calm during the storm’.  A very special thank you to Dan Black of Don Black Electric, and Kevin Whyton from Highland Restoration for all their hard work and support to get us operational as quickly as we were. We have made some changes to the fencing and west wall that will hopefully prevent future flooding from occurring.  Keep your fingers crossed that we will be high and dry at Fifth Avenue from now on!

Fifth Avenue Veterinary Clinic
10 Fifth Avenue
Orangeville, Ontario
L9W 1G2

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