PAWsitive Pointers for Dogs

Here are some ‘Pawsitive Pointers’ that can help make your upcoming visit to
Fifth Avenue Veterinary Clinic worry free for you and your dog.

  • To reduce motion sickness, avoid feeding your dog for a few hours before the trip. (Hungry dogs also respond better to food/treat rewards when they are at their vet visit!) If your dog does get car sick, ask us about medications that can be given prior to the trip.
  • When preparing to visit the veterinarian, stay calm, unhurried and upbeat. This will help your dog do the same. Dogs can read your body language, tone of voice and worry level and this affects how your dog reacts to a situation or an environment.
  • Adaptil (‘happy-dog’) pheromone spray can be a great help to reduce anxiety for your dog. Only the very rare dog will need help with medication prior to the visit.
  • Bring your dog into the hospital for a social visit. It is a great step in their training and we can offer positive rewards in the form of a warm hello and a treat.
  • Practice with your dog at home and get them comfortable with things that may happen during a veterinary visit: lay them gently on their sides, touch their toes and ears, open their mouth and look at their teeth. Reward with lots of treats.
  • If your dog is not good around other dogs, ask to be scheduled during a “quiet” time or wait in the car until you can go directly into an exam room to reduce stress for your dog.
  • If your dog doesn’t like cats or you have allergies to cats, please let us know in advance of your visit. Cosmo, our Customer Service Co-ordinator (Clinic Cat) will be happy to go for a cat nap in his room.

Check out our previous blog on ensuring your cat’s visit to the clinic is stress free by clicking HERE.

This article was written by Michelle Mathes, Practice Manager, of Fifth Avenue Veterinary Clinic. We provide team-based vet care for pets and their families from our animal hospital in Orangeville, Ontario.

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