Marijuana and Pets

“Marijuana” refers to all products coming from the Cannabis spp. plant which contains cannabinoids (e.g. CBD oil, cannabis, hemp, pot, weed, etc.). With the recent legalization of marijuana, there has been an upswing in interest for its use with pets. Unfortunately, with increased use and access, pet toxicities have increased. It remains the most common drug toxicity seen by the ASPCA (Animal Poison Control).

Medicinal marijuana has been used in humans for many health issues. It seems natural to assume these products are safe to use for our furry family members. However, a component in marijuana called THC is toxic to pets.

The level of THC in these products varies greatly. While cannabinoids themselves are not likely to cause issues in pets, THC certainly can. Without quality control and measurements for THC in pet products, as good as your intentions may be, giving these treats or supplements can cause more harm than good.

    Signs of THC toxicity include:
  • Neurological symptoms, incoordination, unresponsiveness
  • Vomiting
  • Aspiration
  • Seizures and coma
  • Death

    Facts to rememeber:
  • Safety studies are still in progress for the use of marijuana products in pets.

  • It is currently illegal for your veterinarian to prescribe or recommend treatment of your pet with marijuana.

  • Marijuana products are not safe for your pets. Should you have marijuana products in your household, please make sure they are well out of reach from pets and children.

  • This article was written by Dr. Laura Crawford of Fifth Avenue Veterinary Clinic. We provide team-based vet care for pets and their families from our animal hospital in Orangeville, Ontario.

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