Easter's Top Toxins

Here is a list of prevalent toxins to be aware of this Easter:

Chocolate contains Theobromine and Caffeine, which are toxic to dogs and cats. Signs to look out for if you are missing a few chocolate eggs in your basket this Easter are vomiting, diarrhea, increased breathing, increased heart rate, and restlessness. Keep chocolates out of reach of your furry friends.

As beautiful as they may be, some lilies can cause severe acute kidney failure in cats. Signs to watch out for are excessive drooling, vomiting, loss of appetite, increased urinating or drinking and dehydration. As all lilies are not poisonous to cats, it is important to make sure the lilies coming into the house are not going to be hazardous to your feline companions.

Easter Grass
The fake grass that comes in the Easter baskets can lead to serious gastrointestinal issues in pets. When a dog/cat ingests the grass if can get stuck around the base of the tongue of even in the stomach; preventing it from being able to pass. This can lead to abdominal surgery to retrieve the grass before it can cause intestinal damage. Try tissue paper as an alternative or keep baskets out of reach of your pet.

If you do suspect the ingestion of any of the above please contact your local Veterinary Clinic.

This article was written by Anne Stockton, Registered Veterinary Technician, of Fifth Avenue Veterinary Clinic. We provide team-based vet care for pets and their families from our animal hospital in Orangeville, Ontario.

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