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Fifth Avenue Veterinary Clinic - Orangeville Ontario - Scruffy Dog Photography

Fifth Avenue Veterinary Clinic is pleased to offer care for dogs and cats from our brand new facility at 10 Fifth Avenue in Orangeville. In addition to a broad range in-hospital services, Fifth Avenue Veterinary Clinic offers house calls for wellness appointments, minor medical issues and euthanasia. We are also happy to provide transportation of your pet between your home and hospital, if needed.

We endeavour to provide our clients with flexible appointment scheduling. Elective surgeries are offered on weekdays in order to provide your pet with a comfortable and monitored in-clinic recovery prior to going home. As a courtesy to our clients, we strive to accommodate emergency surgeries at our hospital whenever possible.

Our Philosophy

Our goal at Fifth Avenue Veterinary Clinic is to provide pets and their families with individualized care programs within a safe, comfortable and up-to-date environment. At every stage, the building at 10 Fifth Avenue was designed and engineered to allow optimal patient and client care. Working from a new and purpose-built facility has allowed us to install state-of-the-art equipment while seamlessly integrating modern technology and communication methods.

Flexibility is a top priority for us – we will always endeavour to structure treatment plans with your family’s lifestyle, beliefs and financial situation in mind. We recognize that while ‘gold standard’ care is ideal, it is not practical for all families. Please don’t hesitate to speak to us about your pet’s care options if you have any questions or concerns.

Fifth Avenue Veterinary Clinic promotes the best quality of life possible for pets and their families.

Quality and life balance are of utmost importance to us. Our goal is to encourage clients to find ways to integrate pets optimally into their family, by balancing the needs and lifestyle of the two-legged family members with the emotional and physical needs of their four-legged family members. We always try to find ways to maximize the quality of life for your pets.

Providing high quality and tailored client education for our clients is extremely important to us. Information may be delivered in clinic, through trusted on-line resources or by take home documentation, whichever best suits our clients’ desires and learning style. We believe that clients with a good understanding of their pet’s condition allows for optimal care and informed response when changes in health arise.

It is a great privilege and honour for us to be made part of your pet’s life. We are always open to feedback – both positive and constructive – in order that we may best evolve our care to meet the needs of our community.

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